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ARC has worked in collaboration with Advertiser and Advertising associations including ISBA in the UK, the WFA in Brussels, the OWM in Germany and others besides. ARC was established over twenty years ago since when it has produced over 30 public domain reports and 60 other publications.  read more

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Industry Opinions of our work   (a couple)

"ISBA has collaborated with ARC on many ground breaking research projects. Many have developed or even revolutionized thinking in areas such as agency remuneration, payment by results and relationship evaluation." ISBA

"This is a well-researched, comprehensive and sensible study which should encourage clients and agencies alike to pursue at least an element of payment by results in their remuneration agreement. I welcome this report and would urge all agencies to discuss its content with their clients. It could just lead to longer, better and more fruitful relationships." IPA

"This study will throw a great deal of light on the subject as far as European markets are concerned, and will arouse interest around the world. It will give marketing professionals the opportunity to base their thinking on well-researched facts, rather than rumour or guesswork. It will be a most useful resource." WFA

Paying for Advertising VII: Creative Agencies & Media Agencies


We have released our two new reports on agency remuneration in the UK.  One report is on remuneration of creative agencies - the other for media agencies.  Click over images of the report covers below for fuller information and to order reports.




How can I get agency production on time, on budget and to expected quality?

An ARC power paper on agency production.  Just one-third of clients get production from their agency that is on time, on budget and to expected quality.  Who are they, how do they do it and what can a dissatisfied client do?  Our new analysis reveals insights for any agency or client wanting to understand the account charateristics associated with success  and needing help to get the best production performance.  read more


Should we have a lead creative agency?

The first empirical evidence on the pros and cons of appointing a lead creative agency.  What type of clients do this - by sector and size of spend?  When might this strategy be sensible?  What are the real benefits?  Does it help with IMC, improve agency working & reduce turf wars? Does it help with neutrality?  What else is needed to make a lead creative agency really work well for the client?  read more


Good cop, bad cop.

Do marketers and client procurement have different views on the performance of creative agencies?  Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence.    This paper will be useful to clients and agencies alike as it shows – for the first time – the similarities and differences in perspective of the two client functions that work with agencies.  Our third ARC Power paper Good cop, bad cop  reveals fascinating new insights. read more


Creative eggs in one basket?

One of the key issues facing advertisers is whether to task the creative agency of record to undertake digital content creation in addition to traditional advertising - or to appoint a separate agency for digital.  Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence.   Our second ARC Power paper Creative eggs in one basket?  reveals new insights. read more

ARC Evaluating Creative Agency Performance III

Comprehensive empirical evidence on what UK clients think of their creative agencies.  Creative agencies are under many pressures to adapt to the new world of marketing communications.  This research reveals their strengths and weaknesses and reports on client satisfaction by scope of agreement, length of relationship, size of agency retained, size of client budget and agency star rating - so helping to shape and improve relationships into the future.


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Two reports are available - a 20 page executive summary and a 150 page main report (Volume I).  The 80 page appendix (Volume II) containing detailed tables is only available by request.  For more information on Evaluating Creative Agency Performance III read more


Introducing ARC Power paper series

Unique actionable reports based on empirical evidence to help you achieve greater marketing communications effectiveness & efficiency.

A first report on achieving simplicity of orchestration in marketing communications resource management. read more


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