Creative eggs in one basket?

Empirical evidence of the pros and cons of sourcing digital creative from the main creative agency. 


An ARC Power paper

One of the key issues facing advertisers is whether to task the creative agency of record to undertake digital content creation in addition to traditional advertising - or to appoint a separate agency for digital.

There are intuitive arguments both for and against.  For instance putting all creative together should make for a more seamless integration whereas cherry picking a specialist agency could result in more innovative work. 

Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence.   

This new forensic analysis on a sizeable database* of client experience of their creative agency’s performance reveals fascinating new insights.

It reveals where UK clients are more – or less – likely to be satisfied on a wide range of 63 factors that together summarise the performance of the agency in client eyes.  These factors include KPIs, agency & account management, agency contribution to strategy, creativity, service, production, agency values, finance, integration & teamwork, media neutrality...

For instance what does each strategy yield in terms of access to generalists and to trust and openness of turf brand strategy and agency ability to challenge value for money...and much more.

This paper uncovers significant findings – where putting creative eggs in one basket really makes a difference to client satisfaction with agency performance.  It also reveals where - in the eyes of respondent clients - it makes less sense to bundle digital creative at the main creative agency. 

The analyses will help a client facing this dilemma to base their decisions on empirical evidence rather than on a more limited experience, anecdote or trial and error.  The evidence in this paper will help a client justify their decision - and to put a plan in place to overcome the anticipated or inherent problems.

This 19 page PDF file is available as a digital file (with password protection) and as a colour printed copy.  It includes 26 colour charts.  Post & packing for this report is free of charge (hard copy must be posted to comply with Paypal regulations) and we can also send by e-mail in digital format.

Needless to say that this priceless evidence and analysis is not available elsewhere.

*  The database is Evaluating Creative Agencies III (see description on ARC website)

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