Good cop, bad cop

Do marketers and client procurement have different views on the performance of creative agencies - and why does that matter?

An ARC Power paper

A simple, perhaps even clichéd view is that client procurement allows marketers to enjoy a positive relationship with the agency unencumbered with any difficult or awkward conversations.  Procurement does the dirty work.  Hence ‘good cop, bad cop’.

Certainly one of the key issues facing clients is ensuring an effective and efficient creative agency.  Client procurement has a big hand in many processes – selection, contracts, remuneration, evaluation, auditing – but increasingly it has a more hands-on role, engaging on the business of advertising (or comms) itself – from research to deliverables. 

With many marketing procurement people now typically embedded (many are from a marketing background) both cohorts have a perspective on the health of a client-agency relationship.  That’s why it is no surprise that one-half of respondents to our survey Evaluating Creative Agency Performance III were from each cohort. 

So we have a unique opportunity to interrogate the database to see if there are differences in perspective of creative agencies.   Is there any evidence in support of ‘good cop, bad cop’?  Is client procurement typically tougher on financials?  Are the marketing people more trusting of the agency?  Indeed where are the significant differences in perception – and where not?

Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence.   

This paper will be useful to clients and agencies alike as it shows – for the first time – the similarities and differences in perspective of the two client functions that work with agencies.  Understanding that there are significant differences (or not) is a few more steps closer to improved relationships and win-win outcomes for all. 

The findings will help a client to base their decisions on empirical evidence rather than on a more limited experience, anecdote or trial and error.

This 16 page PDF file is available as a digital file (with password protection) and as a colour printed copy.  It includes 24 colour charts.  Post & packing for this report is free of charge (hard copy must be posted to comply with Paypal regulations) and we can also send by e-mail in digital format.

Needless to say that this analysis is not available elsewhere.

*  The database is Evaluating Creative Agencies III (see description on ARC website)

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