Should we have a Lead Creative Agency?

Empirical evidence of the pros and cons of appointing a lead creative agency. 


An ARC Power paper

Appointing a lead creative agency (LCA) is one apparent solution to achieve control and consistency in the increasingly complex multi-channel multi-agency advertising world.  Conventional wisdom would suggest that a LCA is likely to confer benefits in brand stewardship, the ability of creative to travel well, improved integrated marketing communication (IMC) and a greater simplicity of orchestration.   But does it?  And what of the drawbacks?


Over one-third of clients have a lead creative agency (LCA). This world first analysis identifies the situations in which clients are choosing to have a lead creative agency.   It reveals the real benefits and drawbacks of having a lead creative agency.  It reveals the outcomes that clients achieve when they make a LCA work.  The empirical evidence overturns conventional wisdom – enabling clients thinking about this approach to identify the suitability, benefits and drawbacks that they are likely to achieve.  The findings will enable a client to implement additional strategies to make the LCA approach work.


Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence.   

This new forensic analysis on a sizeable database of client experience reveals fascinating new insights. The analyses will enable a client facing the dilemma of whether to have a lead creative agency to base their decisions on empirical evidence rather than on a more limited experience, anecdote or costly trial and error.

This paper is based on further analysis of the quantitative research for the ARC/ISBA publication Structuring Marketing Communications Resources, conducted amongst 70 UK clients spending £3 billion per annum.  The research paradigm enables exploration between client situation, strategy & success outcomes.

This 28 page PDF is available as a download (with password protection) and as a colour printed copy.  It includes 28 colour charts. 5 tables and 5 pages of summary & conclusions.

Needless to say perhaps that this analysis is not available elsewhere.

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