Agenturvergütung III

Die Praxis der Werbungtreibenden (2012)

How advertisers remunerate their agencies in Germany.

This 200 page report brings us up to date with advertising (creative, media & digital) agency remuneration agreements in Germany. There are some significant changes to process, practices and rates paid since our previous edition in 2008.

There are ten chapters on agency remuneration methods, payment by results (incentive compensation), remuneration paid, changes made in the past two years, the remuneration agreement, advertiser satisfaction and advertiser attitudes. There are two chapters dedicated to media agency remuneration and one chapter on digital agency remuneration.

The 51 appendix tables report findings by scope of agreement, length of relationship. advertiser expenditure, size of agency retained and client sector.

This report will enable you to negotiate from a position of authority. You can benchmark your own rates and practices.

The report was launched in July 2012.

ISBN 978-0-9552447-8-0 Price £525.00 (€630)