Paying for Advertising VI

Just Released

Media Agencies (2013)

How advertisers remunerate their media agencies in the United Kingdom.

For the first time ever we have published a separate media report, rather than the information on media agency remuneration as a few chapters in the Paying for Advertising report. 

Whilst we continue to address the principal issues – e.g. how much is paid for services received (and how this varies by client characteristics such as size of spend, size of agency retained), use of payment by result and use of media auditing – we now report on key issues facing marketeers such as:-

Media agency transparency (e.g. agency disclosure of media buys), Client setting of media neutrality KPI and client achievement of a media neutral schedule. 

also report on client awareness and use of agency trading desks and demand side platforms, how these functions are remunerated and generally on client concerns with both functions.


The media agency report has seven chapters as follows:-


The report is 88 pages and includes many graphs and tables.


ISBN 978-0-9552447-0-2 Price £350.00