How can I get agency production on time, on budget and to expected quality?

Empirical evidence of the account characteristics and agency practices that deliver superior production performance


An ARC Power paper

One of the key problems facing advertisers is getting agency production on time, on budget and to expected quality.  Just one-third of clients achieve this from their agency.  A similar proportion of clients report a poor performance – getting just one – or none – of these three key deliverables.

So most clients are not getting a production service from their agency that is fit for purpose. 

A typical client response might be to employ production consultants – to help ensure that production costs are fair or sensible, although there’s no real evidence on how much great work should cost.  Reassurance for clients and perhaps some money saved.  That’s putting sticking plasters over the problem.

The agency and client should be working together in partnership to get the best production performance.

Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence.   

A first step in this process is to learn what the keys to successful production performance are. That’s why we have conducted forensic analysis on a sizeable empirical database to discover the characteristics of accounts that deliver – and those that don’t.   The analysis then goes on to reveal the key features of agency practices that are most associated with production success.  Targeting resources to address shortcomings in these areas will most likely improve production performance – for the benefit of the agency and their clients.

This paper is based on further analysis of the quantitative research conducted for Evaluating Creative Agency Performance III, conducted amongst 93 UK clients spending £2.5 billion per annum. 

The insights will enable a client or agency facing problems of poor production performance to base their decisions on empirical evidence rather than on a more limited experience, anecdote or costly trial and error.

This 17 page PDF is available as a download (with password protection) and as a colour printed copy.  It includes 26 colour charts.

Needless to say that this insight is not available elsewhere.

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