Chronological List (most recent first)

Lace, J., (2015)  How can I get agency production on time, on budget and to expected quality? Empirical evidence of the account characteristics and agency practices that deliver superior production performance Advertising Research Consortium, Bath (17pp)

Lace, J., (2015)  Should we have a lead creative agency?  A new forensic examination of the evidence reveals the pros and cons of a lead creative agency - and  what else you need to do to make it work.  Advertising Research Consortium, Bath (28pp)

Lace, J.  (2015)  Creative eggs in one basket?  How does client satisfaction with creative agency performance vary by scope of creative work (just traditional or with digital)?   Advertising Research Consortium, Bath. (19pp)

Lace, J.  (2015)  Good cop, bad cop.  Do marketers and client procurement have different views on the performance of their creative agencies  - and why does that matter?    Advertising Research Consortium, Bath. (16pp)

Lace, J.  (2014)  Executive Report: Evaluating Creative Agencies: Relationships & Performance.  Advertising Research Consortium,  in collaboration with the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, Bath  (22pp, ISBN 978-0-9576667-3-3)

Lace, J.  (2014)  Simplicity of Orchestration of Marketing Communications Resources.  Advertising Research Consortium. Power Paper Series.  (14pp + PP presentation, ISBN 978-0-9576667-1-9)

Example practitioner conference papers and seminars (most recent first)

Lace, J (2017)  Strategies to improve trust in the client/ageny relationship.  Client Seminar.  London.

Lace, J., (2015) Strategies to help a lead creative agency become effective and efficient.  Client Seminar.  London.  July.

Lace, J., (2014) Evaluating Creative Agency Performance III.  ISBA Commercial Issues Conference, London 17th November.

Lace, J., (2014)  Improving Marcomms Effectiveness & Efficiency therough Structure and Co-ordination of Resources. Client Seminar. Zurich Switzerland, September.

Lace, J. (2013) Optimising Marketing Communications Structures - what the top 10% of clients achieve and do.   ISBA Commercial Issues Conference, London 5th November.

Lace, J. (2011) Structuring Marketing Communications Resources: key issues & insights. ISBA, September.

Lace, J. (2010) Agency remuneration: key trends & insights. Presentation to ISBA Executive committee, September.

Lace. J., (2007) Rémunérer ses agences II The changing remuneration landscape. Paris, October 15th

Lace, J., (2006) Key trends in agency remuneration trends over the past decade. ISBA, London,, 27th June.

Lace, J., (2005) Agency remuneration and the search for the Holy Grail. European Agency Association/ NAC, Brussels Belgium, 28th September.

Lace, J., (2004) Agency performance: empirical evidence on client satisfaction with agencies retained for marketing communications. Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) Relationships Forum, London, Jan 21.

Lace, J., (2002), Advertising Agency Remuneration: trends and best practice. Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts Advertising Conference. Villars, Switzerland. February 2-5.

Lace, J., (2001), Paying for Advertising in Europe. Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Global Marketing committee and Advertising Financial Management committee. New York November 27 and December 12th.

Lace, J., (2001), Payment by Results. What can we learn from above-the-line? Centaur Communications: The Promotional Marketing Summit in Madrid June 30- July 1st.

Lace, J., (2000), The Virtual Agency. The Marketing Forum 2000. P&O MV Aurora . Off the coast of Jersey. September 22nd.

Lace, J. (2000), Payment by Results. ICA/AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies) Conference in Bermuda. May 11th.

Lace, J., (2000), Payment by Results: Plaster or Panacea? Inaugural Professorial Lecture, Southampton, UK. May 17th.